No one is above the law

We founded the Project On Government Oversight to be the people’s watchdog and push for a more ethical, accountable, and effective government. A key underpinning of that is the principle that no one is above the law.

This is a fundamental part of our constitutional system of checks and balances — and it transcends party lines. Through the years, Republicans and Democrats alike have understood that we need independent oversight and government accountability, lest we put our democracy at risk.

Meanwhile, during the summer of 2018 the President made the alarming claim that he has the ability to pardon himself, which sounds very much like he thinks he’s above the law. Leaders on both sides of the aisle have spoken out about how this could threaten our democracy — but statements are not enough.

We’re also keeping a close eye on any threats to interfere with the ongoing independent, nonpartisan special counsel investigation — that investigation is another example of independent oversight vital to our system of checks and balances.

In troubling times like these, it is our right and responsibility as citizens to press our representatives on what they're doing right now to uphold our constitutional principles and ensure that we have the independent oversight our government needs to stay healthy. 

Sign the Petition: No one is above the law, and we will speak out to our representatives to keep it that way.

The rule of law is a fundamental part of checks and balances, and we need informed citizens on both sides of the aisle to speak out and make sure our representatives hear the call for independent oversight to protect our Constitution and democracy.  

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